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Our Story

About Us

August Imports specializes in the import, education, and sale of high-quality wines from all over the planet. We support environmentally sustainable growers, and world-class producers from both well-established and up-and-coming regions. So, whether the brand is micro-boutique or sold nationwide, fine wine is at the center of our ethos.

Saluti, salud, à votre santé, prost, and cheers!

Our Philosophy

Tappo-a-Tappo means “Cork-to-Cork” in Italian, and the concept is simple. From the time our winemaker puts the cork into the bottle, until the time you pull it out, August Imports is there to serve as conduit. For us, the tale of the wine is just as important as the wine itself, a reflection of the place it comes from and the humans who make it.


Starting in 2021, August Imports is excited to begin a new partnership with Terrapass, an internationally organized leader in carbon-neutral transport. This means that, through enviro-friendly carbon offsets, the net effect of transporting selected wines from Italy to USA is 0% carbon emissions!

We started in 2002 as Small Vineyards, seeking out top quality Mediterranean wines, created by people we love. Today, we proudly use the Small Vineyards name to represent our portfolio of indigenous wines with a unique small-batch story to share. Look for the gold seal to help protect esoteric varietals, and a way of life that has been preserved across the generations - Enjoy Small!

The Small Vineyards Gold Discovery Seal is on the front of every bottle we import. The seal identifies a wine we’ve certified as low-yield, hand-harvested, earth-friendly, and crafted by family-operated Small Vineyards.