About August Imports

Prospective Partners

The Company: About August Imports

Corporate Descriptor and a Brief History

August Imports (AI) specializes in the import, education and sale of high-quality wines from all over the planet. We support environmentally sustainable growers, and world-class producers from both well-established and up-and-coming regions. Respected big brands are welcome when done responsibly, however, fine wine remains at the center of our ethos.

Founded in 2001 as Small Vineyards Imports, the Company has evolved considerably, and now has distribution in all major U.S. markets and Canada, as well as conducting trade in approximately twelve international markets.

Sales & Distribution

Headquartered in Seattle, the Company employs a nationwide sales and education team, and has a distribution network consisting of over 80 U.S. distribution partners. This network required over fifteen years and many millions of dollars to complete. Consequently, our supply chain is established and effective, and uniquely well positioned for expansion. Management is confident that, with the right partners, brands, and budgets, such volumes can be increased considerably in the coming years.

Management & Ownership

The Managers and owners of AI are a highly innovative, entrepreneurial team that has achieved distinction both inside and outside of the wine and spirits business. Collectively, we have built some of the most successful brands in the wine industry, with several attaining leadership status within their respective import categories.

Our Expertise

Since inception, AI has sought to bring great value to all of our constituents – wineries, distributors, retailers, and consumers -- by anticipating their needs, and providing exceptional products, solutions, and support.

Specifically, August Imports excels in providing:

  • Dynamic Sales & Marketing Leadership
  • Veteran National Sales Team
  • Brand Creation and Product Positioning in our AI Brand Lab
  • Effective Route-to-Market Strategies
  • Top-of-Industry Product Quality
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Excellent Logistics
  • Proactive Compliance
  • Effective, Savvy Sales Tools
  • Long-standing Distributor Relationships
  • Broad National-Account Relationships
  • Strong Network of Growers and Distillers

How Prospective Partners Should Think About August Imports

AI is a special company – at a very important moment in our history. As of today, we are large enough to be a full-service importer that can deliver the mission-critical sales, marketing, and logistics our partners require; and yet, we are nimble and personal enough to have an accountable, hands-on relationship with our partners. We are established enough to have the people, partnerships, and infrastructure to achieve our mutual brand goals; and yet at liberty to grow and have self-determination of our corporate priorities. We are proven fine wine and spirits people with a reputation for excellent, “boutique” brands, yet we consistently sell success into the largest sales channels in the U.S.