Ca du Ferra


The Winery

In terms of both their gorgeous location and commitment to reviving the lost grapes of Liguria, the Ca du Ferra estate is nothing short of inspired. With just 4.5 seaside hectares divided into 11 tiny vineyard sites and crus, winemakers David and Giuseppe grow small amounts of at least a dozen different varieties. Notably, in conjunction with the University of Torino, they are single-handedly resuscitating the lost grape Ruzzeze, as recently noted in a 2023 article by Gambero Rosso. With non-contiguous plots as small as 2 rows and 50 square meters, each individual site has its own unique story to tell, both in terms of grape variety and terroir. Their Albarola vines, for example, were planted in 1970 and occupy a tiny space atop a rare, cliff-top plateau... while their single hectare of red grapes occupies a small maritime ampitheater. Always striving for a seamless weave with the nature around them, the Zoppi clan also maintains an apiary with 12 queens and 300,000 bees, which fly free amongst the wild herbs and fruit trees growing alongside the vineyards.

At the beginning of this century, Davide's father (a native of their village, Bonassola) and his family sold grapes to the local co-op as the estate got its sea legs (no pun intended). Then, in 2013, they struck out on their own, with Davide deciding against a career in environmental law in favor of a return to the vine. He decided the best way to defend and protect his beloved Liguria was to start with his family's own land back home... Today, he oversees the cellar with his husband, Giuseppe, with his father still managing the vineyards and his mom running their beautiful, 4-room the heart of Bonassola... When Americans think of the Italian Riviera, it's often in terms of its chic and glamour and yet - while these rockstar wines are nothing short of stunning - at Ca du Ferra this stretch of coastline is also transformed into something just as magical, responsible, and heartfelt.

Graziana Grassini
Grapes Grown by Winery
Albarola, Black Vermentino, Bosca, Ciliegiolo, Merlot, Picabon, Rossese Bianco, Ruzzese, Sangiovese, Syrah, Vermentino
Vineyard Size
4.0 ha
Davide Zoppi
Winemaker Biography
Virtually everything about the tiny Ca du Ferra estate is sophisticated, intellectually compelling... and visually stunning. With cliff-top vines pressed right up against the blue sea, winemaker Davide Zoppi and his husband Giuseppe have elevated their wines into the Ligurian stratosphere, offering up whites and roses of incredible depth, weight, and precision.
Winemaker Generation
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